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Sex Story

Rhys nervously sat at the table of the hotel bar, clutching his drink. His brown hair was ruffled and his tie wasn't straight. For someone trying to impress potential clients, Rhys wasn't doing well.

Opposite him sat Will, a tall, athletic blond guy in his 30s. Next to him was Geoff, a few years younger and a few pounds heavier. His brown hair stylishly spiked. Both had hung their tailored suit jackets on the backs of their chairs. Rhys tried to hide his ill-fitting jacket behind him, as if they'd not seen it earlier.

They'd been discussing the website for a couple of hours and Rhys felt like he was getting nowhere. Having spent his last money investing in camera equipment, he was now desperately trying to get any work possible. Here he was selling his skills to a softcore website. Or so he thought.

"We're getting into some hardcore gonzo stuff." Will explained. "That's where all the money is. You don't have a problem with that do you?"

Rhys feigned interest and wondered how his wife, Michelle, would react. He didn't have a choice though. Will and Geoff excused themselves to go to the loo, leaving Rhys to get another round.

As he stood at the bar, a beautiful blonde walked in. Tall and slim, her coat hid a figure-hugging black dress. Underneath, her slender legs were covered by black sheer hold-ups. It was Michelle and she wandered over to Rhys, a smile on her face.

"Hey handsome, ready for some relaxation?" she asked, temptingly.

Rhys looked around, panicking. "They're still here and I don't want them seeing you."

"Why not?"

"Look, I'll explain later. There are two key cards for my room in my jacket pocket. Take one and wait for me there." Rhys pleaded.

Michelle reluctantly agreed and left him, discretely taking a key card as she headed out of the bar. As she did, Will and Geoff entered, checking out her legs as she passed them.

Rhys continued drinking with them for another round before they all headed up to their rooms. As they rode up in the lift, Rhys got the impression from Will that they were looking for more. Obviously hotel rooms and a night of drinks wasn't enough for these sleazes. All he had left to do was take his camera to their room to demonstrate his skills. He worried Michelle would mind waiting even longer.

As Rhys left the lift at the 3rd floor, he was worried what Michelle would say. His worry turned to panic when he pulled out two key cards. Surely she hadn't taken the wrong one. He hurriedly raced into his room and grabbed his camera. Rhys hoped Michelle had simply gone home. Still he had to hurry.

Rhys burst out of the stairwell and onto the 5th floor as Will and Geoff stood arguing.

"You must have taken it." Accused Will.

"You've lost it, you muppet." Geoff responded.

They both looked up to see Rhys rushing towards them.

"Nice to see an eager worker." Geoff laughed.

Will placed the remaining key card in the lock and opened the door.

"There's something you should know" Rhys stammered. It was too late.

Ahead of Will and Geoff was Michelle, facing away from them.

"About time you got here, I'm so worked up I'll let you do absolutely anything you want", she seductively said as she turned around.

She was shocked to see the grins of Will and Geoff staring back at her. Behind them stood Rhys, camera in hand.

"You sly bastard!" Will cried out.

Rhys and Michelle looked at each other in shock as Geoff and Will entered the room and threw their jackets onto a chair.

"Anything we want, eh?" Will asked, as he put on some music. "How about a dance for the boys?"

"Hey, you should film this", Geoff said to Rhys.

Michelle moved close to Rhys as he walked into the room.

"You need to say something" she hissed at him.

Rhys just shrugged his shoulders and placed the camera on its tripod. Michelle angrily turned back to Will and Geoff, who now sat on the sofa. She sauntered over to them and began flexing her body in time with the music. Rhys, too afraid to speak out, clicked his camera on and pressed record.

As Michelle danced, she began to feel resentful towards Rhys. She made up her mind that she was going to go along with it until he spoke out. As she moved closer to the men, Will began reaching up and stroking her leg. His touch sent electric shocks racing through her body. Michelle thought to herself that she may as well enjoy it as long as she was doing it.

Rhys watched his wife as she ran her hands over her body. She stared into the camera lens as she slid the bottom of her dress up and leaned over. The thought that these men were catching glimpses of her black French knickers made Michelle feel empowered. As she felt the men's hands run up her legs, Michelle reached her fingers up to the straps of her dress. Staring into the camera, she slid them from her arms and slowly peeled her dress down.

Turning, she allowed Will and Geoff to get their first glimpse at her C cup breasts. Her nipples were visible through the sheer black material of her bra. The men could see her nipples were becoming hard as she danced for them.

Rhys watched through the camera, shocked at what he was watching his wife do. He watched as Will stood up and led her to the desk, bending her over it. Will slowly lifted her dress to reveal her French knickers. He spanked her firm arse and smiled. Geoff moved over to the right of her and spanked her other cheek.

"Doesn't sound right with knickers on, does it Rhys?" Geoff laughed.

Michelle reached back, and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers. With a deep breath, she slowly pushed them down to reveal her wet pussy. As the knickers fell to the floor, Geoff and Will began spanking.

Rhys watched his wife as the two men took turns spanking her. Each smack into her arse got closer to her pussy. Soon the men's fingers were rubbing along her wet pussy lips and over her arsehole.

"Looks like she's warming up" Will gloated. "Time she returned the favour."

He pulled Michelle upright and turned her around.

"Take your bra off".

There was no hesitation from her this time. She reached back and unclasped her bra before freeing her pert tits. Michelle threw the bra at the camera. Rhys pulled it from the lens in time to see his wife kneel between the men.

She turned her attention to Will, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his semi-hard cock. She tentatively opened her mouth and moved towards it. Her tongue reached out and flicked the head before she engulfed it in her mouth. Her hand began stroking the shaft as it increased in size. When it was fully hard, she realised it was longer than Rhys' dick but the same thickness.

Behind her, Geoff unzipped his trousers and pulled out his already hard cock. Michelle turned to be confronted with his thick cock. She made sure she looked into the camera lens, into Rhys' eyes, as she took it into her mouth. Sliding the thick cock in and out of her mouth, Michelle's hand right hand reached up and wanked Will's long cock. Both guys were hard for her and she was certainly enjoying her power.

"Sit on the table, let's see what those tits taste like" Will told her.

Without stopping stroking the two cocks, Michelle sat on the edge of the table, her legs wide. Will leant down and caressed her nipple with his tongue. As he teased her, Geoff eagerly sucked at her other breast. Squeezing and pawing at it. The contrast between gentle and rough was too much for Michelle. She began to moan as the pleasure built inside her.

Will kissed down her body and knelt between her legs. His tongue licked up the length of her wet pussy lips before darting back and forth over her clit. Still playing with Michelle's nipples, Geoff looked over to Rhys.

"Bring that closer so you can get all the action" he told Michelle's husband.

Rhys moved closer and aimed the camera at Michelle's pussy. He watched as Will licked and sucked her clit. He slipped two fingers inside her. For a second, Michelle paused, before reaching down to grab his hand and pull it deeper inside her.

"Fuck, this slut wants more!" Will exclaimed, as he slipped a third, then a fourth finger inside her wanting pussy.

"See if you can fist her" Geoff egged his friend on.

As Will slipped his thumb inside her, Michelle began the first groans of her orgasm. Will's eased his knuckles inside her dripping wet pussy and Michelle moaned loudly as she climaxed.

As she calmed down, Will slid his hand out of her gaping pussy. "Time that this slut got fucked" he said. As Will and Geoff stripped down so that they were dressed in only open shirts, Michelle moved to kneel on the couch. She threw her dress to the floor and bent over the back, displaying her arse and pussy to the room and the camera.

"You got a good shot of this?" Geoff asked Rhys.

Rhys looked through the lens. He could see his wife, bent over the back of the sofa, her tits hanging below, her pussy gaping. As Geoff went around the sofa, Will moved behind her, stroking his cock hard.

"Time for you to get involved" Will told Rhys.

Rhys looked at him, wondering what he meant.

"Spread her cheeks" Will ordered him.

Geoff laughed as Rhys made his way from behind the camera. Rhys' dick was nearly bursting out of his trousers and this was noticed by both men and Michelle. Rhys stood behind Michelle to the right. He looked across to the camera as he reached down, his right hand on her left arse cheek, left hand on right cheek. Michelle moaned as he slowly spread them apart, her pussy widening.

Will stepped forwards and aimed his dick at her wet pussy. Rubbing his cock head up and down a few times, he moaned. With Rhys still spreading her wide, Will thrust forwards and his cock vanished into her pussy. Rhys watched, his own dick rock hard, as this stranger's cock pumped in and out of his wife's cunt.

Rhys looked up to see Michelle's mouth eagerly bobbing up and down on Geoff's hard prick. Geoff had reached beneath her and was playing with her tits as she sucked him.

After a few minutes fucking, Geoff and Will switched places. Will held his dick inches from her face. "You want to suck your pussy juice from my cock?" he taunted her. She didn't answer. As Geoff rammed his cock into her pussy she was pushed forwards. Her mouth opened automatically and engulfed the shiny wet dick in front of her.

"Fucking hell she's getting loose" Geoff laughed. "Tighten her up" He said to Rhys.

Rhys found himself squeezing his wife's arse cheeks together to make it tighter for this thick-cocked man to fuck her.

"Oh yeah, that's it" Geoff moaned.

He wasn't the only one moaning. Michelle only stopped sucking Will so that she could cry out in another orgasm.

"I think it's time this slut had three dicks to play with" Will said.

As he moved around the sofa, Rhys practically ripped his own clothes off to get naked. He'd never been turned on as much as seeing his wife treated like a whore. Geoff reluctantly withdrew from her pussy and stepped aside.

Will lay on the floor, his cock pointing up to the ceiling. Michelle lowered herself down onto it. Once inside her, she began bouncing up and down on it, taking it deep inside her. Geoff was to her left, by the sofa, and Rhys to her right, by the bed. She reached up and took their cocks in her hands, pulling them towards her mouth. As she fucked Will, she alternated between each dick. Quickening the pace between changes, she brought them closer until she took both dick heads in her mouth together. Her tongue licked round them both at the same time and Geoff soon began to groan.

Michelle took both dicks out of her mouth in time for Geoff to shoot a thick stream of cum onto her face. The next few spurts landed on her tits and Michelle smiled as she became Geoff's sperm deposit.

This was too much for Will to watch and he began bucking his hips upwards. Michelle felt the warm cum begin to fill her pussy up and she pressed down hard on his dick.

Rhys moved back to survey the scene. His wife had one man's cum dripping from her chin and tits. As she stood, another man's cum could be seen dripping from her pussy. Rhys needed to cum too. He thought it was about to end but he was wrong.

"I want more" Michelle said. She made no attempt to clean up any of the cum.

"Better give her what she wants then," Geoff smiled.

Geoff sat back on the sofa, his dick still semi-hard and getting harder. Michelle stroked it a few times before turning to face the other men. She slowly lowered herself onto the thick cock. Michelle then leant back so Will and Rhys could get a good view of this fat dick fucking her well-used pussy.

Will watched for a few seconds before moving to the sofa. He stood on it to Michelle's left and presented her his cock once more. She leaned over and took it into her mouth as if she'd been doing this for years.

Rhys stepped forward, unsure of what he should do and desperate to fuck his wife. He slowly approached the scene, afraid to touch his own dick in case he came too quickly.

"Fuck her," Will told him.

"But..."Rhys hesitated, looking at Geoff's thick shaft as his wife's pussy slid up and down it.

"There's plenty of room," Geoff laughed.

Rhys tentatively moved forwards. He looked into his wife's eyes and all he saw was lust looking back.

"I want two dicks in my pussy," she told him in no uncertain terms.

Rhys aimed his cock above Geoff's and pushed forwards. It took a second or two to get the head in, but once it was, the shaft slid in easily. Michelle groaned loudly until her sound was muffled by Will's dick in her mouth.

Rhys and Geoff alternated strokes and Rhys looked down to see Will's cum acting as lubricant for the two cocks. He looked up to see his cum-covered wife greedily sucking down Will's dick. Rhys felt his balls begin to twitch, the feeling of cum racing up and along his shaft. His dick exploded with cum as Rhys had his most intense orgasm in ages. He pumped cum into his wife's pussy until he was empty. Rhys withdrew and staggered back to sit on the edge of the bed.

Will moved aside and Michelle lay down on the sofa. Her legs were spread and her gaping cunt leaked the cum of two men. Will and Geoff stood over her. She lifted her right hand over her head to jerk Will's cock. With her left hand, she wanked Geoff's dick as he aimed it towards her open pussy.

Will was first to cum. Streams of white liquid cascaded down onto Michelle's face and tits. Within seconds, Geoff's dick shot spurt after spurt of thick cum onto Michelle's pussy. The men moved away to leave her lying there content, covered in their cum.

Rhys couldn't believe what had just happened. He got his clothes back on, as did Geoff and Will, but Michelle just lay there, her fingers slowly running across her cum-covered body.

Geoff went into the bathroom for a shower as Will approached Rhys. "We could definitely use a cameraman like you. You've got the contract", he said, smiling. Rhys had forgotten there even was a contract but he shook Will's hand all the same.

"One condition though", Will said.

Rhys just stared at him in disbelief.

"You convince her to be a regular star. She'd fuck anything that moves".

Rhys didn't know what to say. "I'm not sure...."

"Count me in" said Michelle, as she rose to her feet. She slipped her dress back on, picked up her underwear and walked to open the door. "See you boys soon". She winked as she stepped into the hall, still covered in cum.

Rhys grabbed his camera and went to follow her.

"Hey!" Will motioned him to return.

Rhys froze in the doorway, unsure what was going on. Will walked over and got the tape from the camera.

"You nearly left with our websites first hardcore video!" Will laughed as he closed the door on Rhys.

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