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Sex Story

Late last spring, hubby and I decided to join another couple on a kayaking adventure on the Russian River, in Northern California. The plan called for two-days of kayaking, with one overnight stop along the river. With four kayaks, camping gear, food, and a plentiful supply of local wines, we headed off down the river. Although a light coastal fog kept the morning hours on the cool side, the sun finally burned off the fog and soon we were bathed in warmth, as we glided along our way.

We had known Eric and Janice, the couple we were touring with, for quite some time, but until recently we considered them more as casual acquaintances. A closer friendship was still in the development stage when we invited them to join us on the Russian River trip. Like us, Eric and Janice are both in the early 40’s and reasonably fit. Eric is on the slim side of medium build, and has a great sense of humor. Janice is a little on the mousy side, build wise, and has short auburn hair and fair skin.

We estimated the first day’s leg of our journey to be about five hours of paddling, so after completing about three hours, we found a nice little sandbar in the middle of the river to break for lunch. This portion of the river winds through vineyards, and farmlands, and provides little access for anyone other than those paddling from upriver.

After enjoying a light lunch, and sharing a bottle of chardonnay, we prepared to continue our journey down stream. As we pushed back our boats, Eric pulled off his shirt and remarked how it was too bad that the women had to keep their tops on.

“The privileges of the male gender I suppose.” hubby replied.

Not wanting to back down on a passive dare, I pulled off my t-shirt and sports bra and tucked them under the tie downs on the deck, exposing my erect 36C titties. I was unsure how my actions would be received by our new friends, but hubby was obviously pleased. I purposely avoided looking at Janice, opting instead to get Eric’s reaction. He simply smiled and nodded his approval. Glancing back at Janice, I was surprised to see she too had stripped to the waste. Janice had the cutest little “cupcake” titties I’d ever seen. A “B” cup at best, those perky little boobies stood proud in the noon sun. Feeling as though we had achieved a new level in our friendship with Eric and Janice, off we all paddled – four topless kayakers.

Public nudity along the Russian River is not an unusual sight, and the four of us discussed this topic at length as we continued on our westerly way. Janice said that she had never exposed herself in a public place before, but that she felt a little more at ease with me paddling topless alongside her. She asked me what I thought we should do, should we happen upon people on the shoreline or in other boats, and I told her that we should simply wave and continue on our way. Janice would face her first exhibitionist experience only a few moments later.

Negotiating some light rapids at a sharp bend in the river, the four of us were surprised as we shot out into deeper, calmer waters, and slipped by a pretty little river beach with five or six college kids guarding a keg of beer. The boys in the group were quick to notice our lack of tops, and just as quick to invite us to stop for a beer. As planned though, we just waved, thanked them for their offer, and continued on down the river.

After we got out of earshot of the group, I asked Janice how her first “public exposure” went. Still beaming from the experience, she asked if we could go back and do that again, which brought rolls of laughter from the men.

“You’ll have plenty more opportunities like that as we get farther downstream.” I told her. She said that she couldn’t wait for more opportunities.

This latest experience seemed to open up the conversation to discussions of sex. The four of us began relating personal stories, experiences, and even a few sexual fantasies with each other. All of this sex talk was making me extremely horny, and I was beginning to dream about having sex with hubby at the river’s edge, later that night.

Our five-hour paddling journey was beginning to wear us down, so we were delighted to see that our destination beach-camp was less than half a mile away (Hubby and I had used this same beach on previous occasions). Paddling alongside my hubby, Eric casually turned to hubby and suggested they race to the beach. Not wanting to be unmanly, hubby asked about the wager.

“How about the winner wins the loser’s wife for a bit tonight.” Eric said

Hubby didn’t bat an eyelash before replying in the affirmative. “But what say the girls”, hubby said, looking back at Janice and I.

Janice was struggling to find an answer when I piped up that I was more than OK with it – flipping a sly glance and a wink off to a beaming Eric. Janice continued to ponder the situation without a decision.

“Good enough for me.” Eric shouted, and the race was on.

I really thought hubby would probably win, so I was amazed to see Eric plowing through the water like he was competing in an Olympic event. Eric easily beat hubby to the beach by at least two full boat lengths, winning the great challenge. By the time Janice and I paddled up, both men were standing on the beach, Eric looking at me like a hungry leopard preparing to pounce on a defenseless gazelle.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bet. I didn’t really know Eric that well, but I was intrigued by the prospect of having sex with him. A little exhibitionism, combined with an afternoon of sex talk, had certainly prepped me for action. I resolved to see what course things would take. Deep down, I expected everybody to laugh it off and excuse me from making good on the bet.

After a refreshing dip in the river, we finished unloading our kayaks and set up camp for the night. While the men-folk stayed in camp to set up tents, Janice and I set off into the trees to gather wood for the campfire. Once away from the camp, I asked Janice how she felt about the bet. She said that she was looking forward to “the show”, as she put it, adding that she had kind of hoped that my hubby had been the winner instead. We laughed, and quickly returned to camp with armloads of firewood.

Dinner was a simple affair of canned beef stew along with some canned fruit. With the sun well below the horizon, and the evening chill beginning to raise goose bumps on our sunburned skin, hubby built a nice bonfire, guaranteed to keep us warm and cozy through the night. Eric, in the meantime, presented Janice and I with a selection of local wines to ponder. Selecting a bottle of Zin, the four of us sat around the fire in our little collapsible chairs, sipping wine and talking of the day’s adventures.

As the night wore on, and the wine flowed, I could feel myself growing completely relaxed, both with our outdoor environment, and with the prospect of putting on a show for Janice and hubby. I wondered if and when Eric would make his move, or if hubby would intervene. Knowing hubby, I doubted if intervention was even a thought for him. I wasn’t even completely convinced that hubby hadn’t set up the entire event, given his enjoyment for watching me with other men.

It must have been nearly 11 pm before Eric asked if I was ready to make good on the wager. With at least three glasses of wine under my belt, I simply asked him to name his pleasure.

“My pleasure would be on a blanket next to the fire, if you don’t mind an audience.” Eric replied.

I responded by pulling my sweatpants off to expose my bushy red-haired pussy. Standing up, I unzipped my sweatshirt and let it slide to the chair, standing naked before my fellow kayakers. Eric quickly responded in kind, bouncing on one leg as he struggled out of his own sweatpants. I was immediately impressed by the size of Eric’s cock, guessing it to be a fat seven-incher. He wasn’t fully erect, but I could see that he was quickly working up to it.

As Eric laid out a blanket, I watched Janice and hubby move their chairs next to each other, pour themselves another wine, and ready themselves for the show. You would think they were at the movie house, waiting for the feature presentation to begin.

Eric beckoned me to join him, taking my hand and leading me over to the blanket. Once there, he took me in his arms and began kissing my neck. As his hands slipped to my ass, he pulled me tight against his body and his engorged cock. I could feel his dick throbbing against my stomach, causing the juices in my pussy to flow in preparation for taking that wonderful tool deep inside me.

As Eric’s mouth wondered south to my nipples, I glanced over at Janice and hubby. Both of them were completely focused on Eric and I, squirming in their chairs, but otherwise seemingly intent on being our audience.

Eric continued to suck and tease my erect nipples as his hands began exploring my plush, hairy pussy. I have always preferred to let my pussy hair grow wild, using a razor, and an occasional wax-job, only to keep a bikini-trim along the sides.

Eric’s experienced fingers brought me to my first orgasm of the evening in only a matter of minutes. In fact, I was almost embarrassed by how fast and hard I came, releasing a loud, unexpected moan as I exploded in pleasure.

As my head cleared, I eased away from Eric’s embrace, and gently lowered myself to my knees. My hands never left his body, gliding instead down his back and over his hips, until I could cup his balls in my hands. Kissing his balls, I slowly slid my lips up his shaft, sipping the pre-cum from his head before wrapping my lips around his thoroughly engorged dick.

Caressing his balls with one hand, I permitted my other hand to explore Eric’s anus, while my lips continued to glide – ever so slowly – up and down his thick shaft. He seemed to enjoy my gentle approach, keeping his hands on his hip instead of around the back of my head. There was no doubt in my mind that Eric was completely captured by the moment. Aside from the constant throbbing in his cock, which threatened to explode into my mouth at any moment, I could hear his breathing intensify, even letting loose with an occasional pleasure-groan as my hands and mouth did their job.

Sensing that I was moving Eric too close to climax, I stood up and kissed him again, allowing him to press his throbbing wet cock on my stomach. After a moment, I could feel him pulling me down with him to our knees. From there, Eric gently laid me on my back and began sliding his mouth over my breasts and tummy, then on to my pussy. Using his tongue to toy with me a bit, he began lightly flitting his experienced tongue over my clitoris, a technique that further aroused the sensation of this already incredible experience.

As I lie there absorbed in the moment, I glanced over at hubby and Janice. Although both were sitting there totally focused on Eric and I, I saw now that Janice had hubby’s cock out of his pants. She was stroking it slowly with one hand, while pulling her shorts away with her other hand to permit hubby access to pleasure her.

Eric brought me to no less than three climaxes with his tongue, before changing positions and beckoning me back to my knees. Moving in behind me, he kissed the back of my neck while kneading and pulling at my nipples with his hands. I could feel his cock pulsating on my back and knew it was time to take him inside me.

Laying my head on the blanket and raising my ass high, I could feel Eric’s hands move from my breasts to my hips. With his hand as a guide, I could feel him rub the head of his cock on my pussy, ensuring first that I was suitably moist before plunging his dick inside. He only toyed with me a bit before slowly sliding his tool into my pussy. I was already soaked from previous orgasms, so lubrication was not an issue. Once inside me, he seemed to pause long enough to enjoy the warm wet feeling of my pussy. His pause only caused me to grow more impatient for the pounding that I hoped he would give.

Soon enough, Eric began to ease his cock in and out, slowly at first, but with a certain urgency that told me he was ready to “fuck” me. As his pace increased, so did the power with which he plunged back into my pussy. I could feel myself just on the edge of climax when he began pounding his cock in me with animal-like ferocity. My sudden orgasm caught me off guard and I let out a yell, as though hit with a jolt of electricity. I wished Eric would pause for a moment, so I could thoroughly enjoy this insane feeling, yet I prayed he would keep up his powerful rhythm because I knew that another climax was on the horizon.

As my head cleared from the last orgasm, I could feel the blood rushing to my head in preparation for another climax. Eric continued to pound away, and I could sense that he was near exhaustion and his own climax. The sound of Eric’s cock slamming into my pussy created an incredibly erotic sound, as did his labored breathing and my groans of pleasure. Suddenly, he drove his cock so hard into me I swear it slid me half way across the blanket. I could feel his hot cum exploding inside me, causing me to achieve my own climax. We both shuddered with pleasure as he drained every last drop of juice from his cock into my pussy.

As my senses began coming back to me, I looked up to see that Janice was milking the last of hubby’s cum with her mouth. She must have switched from her hands to her mouth some time after I last noticed them. Seeing the growing wet stain around her shorts, it was obvious to me that she had obtained a bit of pleasure from my hubby as well.

Our next day’s kayaking adventure ended without incident and we were soon headed back to our respective homes at the end of the day. The four of us agreed that this should be an annual event, and that we should explore other adventures to share. Although we haven’t been able to duplicate our Kayak adventure yet, I am sure that the four of us will get together again – we’re just not sure yet what all the term “get together” will encompass!

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