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Sex Story

Silvia Markel struggled with the straps on her lingerie bottom attempting to latch her hosiery to the small stainless snaps tangled from being packaged tightly in the small box marked, "loves laces, the place for you're lace". She quietly cussed her husband and the lack of light in the bedroom of the hotel suite, as the muffled sound of men's voices came through the thin walls. She briefly laughed to herself at the thought of jumping from the 4th floor window as she managed to clip two out of three clamps to the black fishnet hose.

In the full wall mirror an image beamed back of a beautiful forty two year old woman jackknifed in half, legs wide apart with her hands busied with the task at hand. Her large breasts hung free and pale white with nipples jutting out just slightly to the sides, wobbling about as Silvia's body moved. Silvia was indeed a beautiful woman, standing five feet five tall with blond hair and a well kept figure she was the kind of woman that tuned heads every where she went. The kids had come and gone and left Silvia and her successful husband time to play, perhaps too much time was the thought going through her head about now.

Four days ago Silvia, in a moment of weakness had made a big mistake in Las Vegas and lost a large sum of money without her husband's knowledge. What was taking place here tonight in the Palace Hotel was due to a failed attempt to win the money back using herself as collateral. That in her mind now was all water under the bridge as she finished the last clip and searched the bed for more pieces to the black lace puzzle that had been placed there prior to her arrival. Silvia Markel turned blush as she realized the extent of what her immediate exposure would be when first entering the room adjacent, full of an unknown number of men just waiting to get an eye full of the pail skinned housewife.

The instructions had been specific, right to the detail.

She was to put on what was on the bed and wait for someone to come get her when they were ready. She would as well do all she was told or the deal would be off and her husband would be contacted. Silvia looked at the mirror in horror at her ample breasts falling out and over the black lace cup less under wire bra as if they were being magically pulled straight out by some force unknown to science. Looking down she could see her thinly haired privates beaming out below the lower lace girdle as she uttered an, "oh god" at the perverse site. As she turned once more to search the bed for any sign of panties or thong she peaked behind her only to gasp at the sight of her heart shaped ass fully exposed even as she bent less than half over.

Silvia could feel the heat of her blush fill her face as she came to the conclusion no panties were present. Her heart jumped a beat as the door was slightly opened and a man's hand appeared with a black object in it and he said, "please put this on and come here now". Momentarily Silvia Markel was relieved thinking at last a pair of panties has appeared and in the nick of time. The instant though her hand touched and took the item her heart again raced foreword as she realized the object was a blindfold.

Silvia now almost in a robotic mode exhaled and placed it over her eyes as if the reality of her fate had come to rest and the sooner it was over the better.

Moments after the blindfold was in place, a warm hand was over her forearm and began to usher her in just the direction she has feared. "No no I can't, I just can't" seem to slip from her lips as her legs continued to walk at an uninterrupted pace through the door and into the main room of the suite. The cool air of the room sparked her nipples to grow hard as she moved ever foreword and an odd sense of erotic spark began to tingle between her legs. It wasn't that things had been dead between her and her husband, that wasn't it at all. Fifteen years of marriage had been full of ups and downs, but with her husbands success came neglect and perhaps she was guilty two. Guilt was what she felt as she was stopped at some point and asked to bend her knees as hands appeared on and around her thighs pulling them foreword to what felt like the couch cushion. Silvia could feel the fabric of fine men's suits on her inner thighs, now realizing her knees had been placed in between two separate men's knees that were seated on the couch. Silvia jumped a bit as a man whispered in her ear she would do all that was asked or the deal was off.

Strangers hands now took her hands and moved them up from her sides and pulling her slightly foreword placed them on the top of the back of the couch. Silvia's mind raced as she felt her breasts move away from the fabric below them as the cool air now embraced the new area of skin sheltered before by her upright position. Another spark tingled down her spine and between her legs as she began to vision in her own mind what she might look like in this position, fully exposed to the men who's identities were concealed in her pitch dark world. "Oh god, oh god" slipped from her lips as the two men began to move apart while each taking a knee with them, spreading her legs wider and wider apart as cool air again found new territory in first her open sex and then working it's way around and up to her ass, as the men continued to split her wider and wider apart.

"Please oh please, no further, oh godddd" fell from her lips as her back began to arch to accommodate the geometry of her hands and knees. Finally the men stopped as she felt cool air now traveling up inside her most private areas and an odd wetness that now began to bring her shame. What devils were these men to without her permission bring her to the point of being wet even though not touched? As Silvia Markel tried to answer these questions in her tortured mind several hands began to grope her swinging breasts as others suddenly traced her soft white ass and then others began to pull her ass cheeks even further apart while others explored over her open sex and up and around to her puckered rectum. Silvia shook and began to speak words making no sense at all as first one finger than two then three and four penetrated her sex while pulling her nether lips open even wider and creating a wet slapping sound as now uncounted amounts of fingers jutted in and out of her wet sex. Silvia's eyes rolled back in her head and she began to buck out of control as a powerful orgasm takes over her body and mind, spurred on by the continuous stimulation taking place at the hands of the men that now surrounded her.

As Silvia began to come down the men began to step up the pace by man handling her in a rougher fashion, slapping her ass, groping her breasts and twisting her nipples as the others continued an ever deeper and more thorough attack of her pussy. Silvia felt her own jaw drop as an unrecognizable grown escaped deep from her stomach as a small hard object now penetrated her virgin ass hole while hands pulled her ass cheeks hard apart.

As another orgasm mounted from deep inside her she felt ashamed at the prospect of losing total control of her body in front of all these strangers and began to mutter words to the men, mostly mixed signals as if wires had been crossed in her brain and yes meant no while no meant yes, yes, "yesssssssss". Suddenly the object in her ass now began to buzz out of control sending shock waves through to the filled passage only a membrane away, in turn transferring the vibrations clean through to her belly button.

Silvia now could not help but notice the men's discussions all around her as if drunk in a bar full of people with many bits and pieces coming in from all angles, "Pull those nipples, hold this for a minute, think it's to big?, bitch loves this, lube that big one up and make sure it works, I can't wait to see her take that. Silvia Markel wished she had not been listening as her eyes now bulged against the blind fold while fingers now pulled wide apart her nether lips as if to make way for something.

Silvia groaned out loud, half in lust and half in terror as a large object slowly began to penetrate her sex as fingers scrambled to massage the surrounding area to keep it from being pulled inward as the large object traveled deep into her womb.

Silvia could now feel the sweat running off her but cheeks as she braced herself for the inevitable continuation of the uncharted journey deep inside her womb.

The sensation sparked even more guilt from the memory of a young trainer Silvia had

Allowed to have sex with her at a time when her and her husband were not getting along and his long business trips had taken him away for long periods of time.

Vince was very large and the sensation brought back the memory of her screams of passion and pain when Vince pounded the monster into her while holding her legs against each of her shoulders. "To deeeeeeeeeeep, stop oh stop, fuck fuck" was coming from her lips now as her mind was torn from her memories of Vince to the reality of this one being even larger and longer as it hit home ten or twelve inches inside the forty two year old wife and mother of two. Silvia's silence was short lived between the time the object stopped moving foreword and then begin to vibrate softly inside her stretched womb, "OH, shit, oh shit, oh oh oh goddddd" escaped from her lips as now two objects began to rattle against each other only separated by the thin skin in between. Suddenly the men were quieter, only discussing how sexy she looked all full of the two artificial cocks and the way they moved about as Silvia's ass and pussy muscles convulsed in quick spasms around the two objects buried deep inside her most private places. An odd feeling had now come over Silvia, no longer just an aging housewife trying to please an aging husband and balance the checkbook. She felt as if she had been promoted to an object of all men's attention and lust, all eyes being on her, all thoughts being of her.

Part of her wanted nothing more than to satisfy they're darkest needs and fantasies, to be the girl in the middle getting all the attention all at once.

As a man turned up the vibrator to a higher pitch in her womb a new stream of dialogue began to flow from the mouth of the liberated Silvia, Yes, oh fuck fuck fuck me, yes fuck me hard you fuckers, you fucking fuckers you fucks" as Silvia began to move her ass and arch her back as if an imaginary lover was taking her from behind.

Bob Markel sat in amazement with again another hard on in his hand while struggling to hold on to the camera with the view of his wife's now stretched and distorted heart shaped ass in the view finder while the others mauled and pawed at her most private of places.

Two men, one on each side held her ass cheeks open, while the two on the couch now sucked her breasts. One man blocked Bob's view every so often as he made adjustments in the two dildos buried deep in his wife's upturned ass and pussy.

Silvia was now becoming very verbal as the man behind her cranked both vibrators up to full power causing Silvia to begin moving her ass in a blur of bucking movements.

Bob smiled and gave Vince a thumbs up as he exited the bathroom and headed behind the couch that had earlier been pulled away from the wall for just that reason.

Vince slowly stepped over the back in front of Silvia and lowered his cock to her hungry lips.

Silvia Markel wasted no time opening her mouth wide with her tong extended, inviting the hard cock into her hot mouth. Bob could all at once hear her choking and groaning, knowing now Vince was well into her throat as his wife struggled for air in between her own movements being caused by her continuing orgasm as well as her new found need to satisfy the needs of all the men in this lust filled world she now found herself in.

The site from her husband's position was almost too much to bear as his wife Silvia of fifteen years and mother of their two children struggled to the limit of her existence to satisfy herself and the men around her. Vince held all of her blond hair in one hand as the other cupped the back of her head. Meanwhile her hands now were gone from the back of the couch and each held tight to the cocks of the men sitting on each side of her sucking her nipples and mauling her breasts.

The man behind her had wetted his hand again with lube and continually played with her distended clit while every so often pumping the large and small vibrators in and out of her pussy and ass. Silvia Markel's mind and body were now in another world where all boundaries were removed and animal lust was the order of every second of existence.

As Silvia Markel's husband Bob searched for a cigarette the men carried his wife Silvia to the bedroom where this evening had all began, the two vibrators still humming away deep inside her as she held tight to several men's arms as she was transported.

A different woman was now returning to the room, one possessed with lust smelling of sex, sweat and over tasked women's perfume and deodorant. A slut was born and the men who would worship her were transporting her to her throne.

As Bob lit his cigarette he thought about the time he had found out about his wife and Vince, and how he had in secret longed to watch his beautiful wife Silvia take the young man's cock while screaming in pleasure. At the same time Bob had felt angry about his wife's affair and promised to himself he would someday get even for what she had done. Bob's business owned the studio that Vince leased for his high priced training for the upper class jet set folks and had given Bob the chance to set the record straight, once and for all. Vince became very liberal with all the information Bob needed and agreed to help him when the time was right to make Bob's fantasy come true of setting up his wife in just such a situation. The rest was easy when Silvia had fallen into the trap set up by the men with the help of an adult entertainment group that Vince had connections with.

Bob's thoughts were interrupted by a man moving a camera throw the door of the bedroom while asking he move just a bit for them to get through.

Bob had asked the whole thing be on tape from start to finish and only copies would be given to him, as per a signed agreement written up by his lawyer.

The light was bright coming from the other room as Silvia could be heard going, "Hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, I, hu, hu, can't, hu, hu, take, hu, hu, oh, hu, hu hu, goddddd, fuck, eeeeee, shit, hu, hu, hu, hu, hu" as the bed creaked and skin slapped all together in time.

Silvia Markel was in for the night of her life and it had only just begun.

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