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Sex Story

I have this friend Bob. He's in his early 50s and lives in a large house with pool and spa. Bob called and asked me if I wanted to come over for a little get together.

"There will be three good-looking ladies and five or six guys coming over. The ladies liked to party in a sexy way and could be persuaded to do almost anything."


"Yes anything."

"Can I bring my wife?"

"If you think she will like coming to a nudist party, go ahead."

I told my wife about the party and that everybody would be in their birthday suit. She suspected that there would be some people sneaking into the bushes for a quickie, I agreed. On the day of the party my wife said she had a conflict and had somewhere else to go. So I went by myself.

When I arrived, Jo and Chris, two of the girls and Tim one of the other guys were already there and naked. As I climbed out of my shorts, I checked out the ladies. Jo looked a lot like my wife Jackie, 5'4' about 130 lbs. C cup breasts with great legs and topped by an equally great ass. Chris was a couple of inches taller and little willowy with very nice shape. I was in heat. We had drinks and watched the ladies sensually rub oil on each other while laying on a big towel. Jim and Sam showed up a few minutes later followed by Tony and his wife Cheri. Tony looked like a weight lifter but not hard and Cheri was a blond in her late 30's and very buxom. She later told me her measurements of 38C-30-40 at her present weight of 140lbs and 5'7" tall, an amazon.

It was a warm summer evening and the water in the pool was exactly the right temp. We were all in the shallow end with our drinks when Tony and Sam got Jo into the corner. From the look on her face I think she was exactly where she wanted to be. They picked her up and set her in the edge with her legs spread and were taking turns licking her hairless pussy. Cheri was sitting on the top of the steps entertaining Tim while Jim was entertaining her. Bob and I were sitting on the towel with Chris between us. Our hands stroked all over her body. This was turning out to be a hell of a party.

The three girls were starting to breathe hard and the guys were starting to get hard. Bob called a halt and told us that he had a surprise show for us. Explaining that, this woman wanted to fulfil a fantasy by striping nude and playing with herself in front of a group of naked people. Bob had a big picture window in the master bedroom that looked out on the backyard. The drapes were closed as we gathered around the window. Bob went into the house, a few minutes later some great dance music started playing. When he came back out and knocked on the window the drapes were drawn open. Standing in the six feet between the window and the king-sized bed was a masked blond woman. She was wearing what looked like a form fitting sleeveless hot pink T shirt which ended about two inches below a very shapely rear end. She looked kind of familiar.

The woman started to dance and rub her hands up and down her body. As I stood there with everyone, I noticed that there was a three inch cut at the hem and neckline of the shirt. We were spell bound watching this woman touch herself while sensuously dancing. She ran her hands down her body stopping to cup her breasts and stroke her pussy. When she got to the hem, she started to slowly tear the shirt up the middle showing us her shaved pussy and stopping at her navel. With a small smile and at a flick of her hands she grabbed the neckline and ripped it all the way down. Holding the shirt open while grinding her hips to the music, she displayed her nude body to her horny audience. She then turned her back to us and dropped the shirt. Looking at us over her shoulder, she bent over. Her legs were spread apart and she slipped a hand between them. She stroked her clit and slipped a finger in and out of her pussy. The guys along with myself were stroking our hard dicks and the girls with us were playing with themselves as well. After playing with herself a few minutes the woman stood up and faced us with her mask still on she bowed and closed the drapes. We all cheered her performance. Bob went in the house to see if she wanted to do more.

When he returned, he turned to Tony and Sam, "Join her but you must agree to follow her lead."

They both agreed and went inside the house. A few minutes later the drapes opened. The guys were sitting on chairs placed on either side of the bed and she was stretched out on the bed stroking a penis-shaped vibrator in and out of her pussy. She signaled the guys and they sat on the bed next to her. Their hands were stroking her breasts and sliding down the inside of her legs. When they started kissing her neck and sucking her nipples her body convulsed with a massive orgasm. After her orgasm she told the guys to sit at the head of the bed facing us and knelt between them with her back to us. She put a hand on each of their dicks and started to jack them off. They reached up and took off her mask.

Bob who was standing behind me tapped me on my shoulder. When I turned around, he said, "she wants to fuck both those guys but you have to give her the nod before she will have sex with them."

When I turned around, I was stunned! I was looking into the smiling face of my wife, Jackie. My mouth dropped open and I just stood there. Looking around at the others, they were all looking at me with theses big shit eating grins on their faces and nodding their heads. My face grinned back at them, I turned to Jackie and nodded my head.

Jackie laid down on her back and pointed and Sam who slipped on a condom. He got between her legs and slowly slid his dick deep into her while she jacked off Tony. Jackie's legs spread wide and her hips thrust up to meet Sam's quickening deep strokes. They had fucked like that for several minutes when Jackie started shaking and I knew another orgasm was on its way. The way Sam's butt was clinching, I knew he couldn't last much longer. When Jackie's orgasm hit, her spasms caused Sam to cum as well. Jackie blew me a kiss when Sam rolled off her and crashed on the bed. Jo who was standing beside me, reached down and grabbed my hard dick.

"You must like the show since all of you is paying attention."

"Like it, I love it"

Jo sat on a chair pulling me along to stand in front of her. She told me to keep watching as she started sucking my dick. When I turned back to the window, Jackie had gotten on her hands and knees on the bed at a 45-degree angle to the window. I could see her swollen sex as Tony's fingers rubbed her clit and slid effortlessly in and out of her. His other hand rolled a condom on his hard 7" cock. As positioned his cock to enter her, her eyes locked with mine and I saw the incredible pleasure she felt when his cock penetrated her to the hilt. Tony started to fuck her using various speeds and angles to enter her pussy. Lowering her head to the bed, spreading her legs farther apart and arching her cute ass higher, giving Tony clear access to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and started to bang away in her pussy. His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned with the pleasure of fucking my wife. After about ten minutes of fucking Tony buried his dick deep inside Jackie, shuddering as he tried to get deeper. This was all Jackie needed, her pussy milked him frantically as they both came.

Jo, seeing what was happening turned around and presented me with a view of her pussy from behind. I wasted no time in sliding my latex-covered cock into her as far as possible. She must have been on the verge of her own orgasm because after several hard thrusts she moaned "I'm cumming." Her pussy was clutching and trembling on my cock. So when Jackie and Tony came, my knees went to rubber and I came right along with them. It was one of the best fucks of my life. When I regained my senses, I looked around. Bob was fucking Cheri and Chris was being fucked from both ends by Jim and Tim on the big towel laid on the grass. They were going at it hard and heavy, clearly they couldn't last much longer. Sure enough their moans got louder and more insistent as one by one they convulsed into orgasm and lay panting on the towel.

When Jackie and the guys came out of the house we all got drinks and went back to floating around in the pool telling each other how much fun we just had. After having something to eat and several more drinks it was clear that, we all wanted to party some more. Tim and Jim were sitting on the love seat with Jackie between them and the rest of us on the couch or floor. I was sitting on the floor with Chris and the other guys sat with Cheri and Jo on the couch. Chris was sitting in front of me with her legs over mine, playing with my dick while I had my finger buried in her pussy and stroking her clit my other hand was stroking her breasts. By looking over her shoulder I could see Jackie and company on the love seat. Tim had his head between her legs and was licking and sucking her clit while probing her pussy with his fingers. Jim was sucking her nipples and kissing her neck while she wrapped her hand around his impressive cock.

Cheri and Jo were spread out on the couch with Bob's tongue in Cheri's pussy and his hand in Jo's pussy while the girls were sucking on Sam and Tony's cocks. Tim looked up and asked if Jackie would suck him? She nodded and Tim switched places with Jim. As Jackie started sucking Tim, Jim rolled on a condom and put the head of his cock just inside her, stroking her clit as he did so. She pulled up her legs and reached under them to crab Jim's balls and pull his 8" dick into her pussy. As Jackie fucked and sucked them, I pushed Chris onto her back and after putting on my condom I slid my cock deep into her, my eyes flickering between her and my wife. Sam and Tony were behind Cheri and Jo stroking their cocks in and out of their pussy's, while the girls were both giving Bob's dick a workout with their mouths and hands.

Jackie was beginning to moan as Jim's dick slammed in and out of her. When he stopped, She let out a little cry and said, "don't stop."

He pulled out of her and told Tim to sit on the seat then pulling Jackie up he turned her around and sat her on Tim's condom-covered cock. He then went around the love seat and presented her with his dick while she rode Tim's cock with great gusto. With her back to me I had a great view of Tim's cock moving in and out of her quivering pussy. Within a few minutes' Jackie's ass tightened and she clamped down on Tim's dick, she told Tim to cum with her. Tim nodded and powered his cock deep up inside her. I could see his cock pumping as he came inside her and her pussy clenching him as she came. The look on my wife's face was so exciting that my cock, buried in Chris's pussy, twitched uncontrollably. I barely avoided coming myself.

Jackie climbed off Tim and got down on her hands and knees at Jim's urging. He got behind her and planted his cock deep into her well-lubricated pussy. Bob, Tony and Sam traded places with Bob and Tony fucking Cheri and Jo and Sam receiving head from both ladies. I pulled out of Cheri and turned her around on all fours, like Jackie. As I fucked Chris's incredibly tight pussy, I watched my wife getting screwed from behind by Jim's large member. I had never seen her so turned on or as sexy and beautiful as she was at that moment. She had already fucked the three other guys and orgasmed with each. Now here she was on the verge of coming again. While Jim pumped his big dick in and out of her she reached back and started playing with her clit. I knew from my own experience that this would make her cum, in no time at all. I told Jim to put his dick all the way in and hold still when she started to cum. He said he would but didn't know how much longer he could keep from coming himself. I told him to try because when she came, her pussy would go crazy on his cock. It was something he would not want to miss. A few minutes later Jackie said, "now" and started thrusting her pussy back and forth on Jim's cock. He held rock still with his back arched, as she tried to get his cock as deep in her as possible. My wife's orgasm went on for at least a full 60 seconds. Her pussy was grabbing and pulling Jim's dick so hard he cried out, "shiiiiiiiiiiiiit" and came explosively, which caused Jackie, who was just sliding down the back side of her orgasm, to lurch forward with his throbbing cock buried deep inside her. She cried out, "oh honey, I'm coming again," as a second orgasm wracked her body.

Chris was also watching my wife cum and had started to play with her clit as well, while I fucked her with long deep strokes. She came about the same time as Jackie. The combination of watching my wife enjoying herself so much and the feel of Chris's pussy contracting around my cock was too much. It seemed like my orgasm started somewhere in my toes and raced up to my head then back down to my throbbing dick, exploding every nerve ending in my body. Chris and I fell to our sides resting and watched as Bob and Sam came inside Cheri and Jo's bodies, while Tony came all over their breasts. It was amazing!

We all just relaxed where we had fallen and basked in the after glow of our respective orgasms. I had moved over to Jackie and kissed her telling her how much I loved her and what a sexy woman she was. We rearranged ourselves, cleaned up by taking showers and got a round of drinks for everyone.

Bob had a movie he thought everybody would like called Dance Party. It was about a toga party that turns into an orgy. We all sat around the TV watching the movie, drinking and making remarks about the poor acting. In the movie the couples were dancing and groping each other on the dance floor. Most of the people had lost their togas and two of the couples were making love right in the middle of the other dancing and groping couples. The movie lasted about 90 min., but it along with the drinks and the fact that we were all naked, had us groping each other again.

Bob had remodeled a bedroom which he announced he wanted to show us. We were amazed at what he had done to the room. It looked like one big bed. He had put very thick padding under the plush soft carpet, put mirrors on all the walls and had thrown seven or eight big pillows around the room. Bob pushed a button on the wall and the lighting changed from the chandler to five small spot lights, both lights were on a rheostat. He lowered the intensity of the chandler to lighting similar to dusk and brought the spots up a little more than the chandler. The walls and floor darkened but you could still see in the corners very well. The spots created pools of light on the floor. He pushed another button and very sexy music started. The whole room seemed to pulse slightly with the beat of the music. In fact the lighting system was hooked up to the sound system and did respond to the beat. The effect was immediate the four ladies started moving their naked bodies along with the beat.

The guys and I spread out along the walls to watch. The whole scene was incredible, four nearly drunk naked women, dancing and touching themselves in front us with the lights and music moving with them. They had been dancing for about ten minutes when Bob asked if he could dance with my wife. I said, "sure." Cheri danced over to me as Bob went over to Jackie. The other four guys made sandwiches out of Jo and Chris. Jim and Sam eased Chris to the floor along side Jo who was with Tony and Tim. The six of them were making out hot and heavy. Cheri moved in close to me and we kissed. My dick was straightening out and she caught it between their legs jacking me against her clit and naked pussy.

With the mirrors on the walls and ceiling I had no trouble watching Bob dance with my wife. Bob was kissing her ears, neck and breasts with one hand on the butt and the other in her pussy. Jackie hand one hand on his shoulder and the other wrapped around his cock. She was smiling and looking at the mirrors when she saw me looking at her. She gave me a wicked smile and a wink then her eyes went wide when Bob slid two fingers in her and thumbed her clit. I buried my face in Cheri's breasts and slid my hand down between her legs. My fingers found her hairless mound and worked themselves inside. Cheri's hand found my dick and commenced to stroke it. I glanced up and saw Bob lowering Jackie to the floor and position her into a 69 on their sides.

While Bob and I were occupied, the other guys put Chris and Jo on their hands and knees facing in apposite directions. Both girls were each being taken care of by two guys one in front and one in back. Tim was checking his watch and every two minutes he called time. At his signal the guys looked to the right and took up that position. I wondered how long they could keep it up.(pun Intended) Cheri tugged on my dick and I saw that she was laying down on her back. She laid down with a pillow under her ass and her legs spread wide. She was laying under a spot light which lit her sexy body up perfectly. I got down on my knees and kissed her breast's, then on down to her sex. When I touched her clit, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I nibbled on her large clit then sucked it into my mouth and held it with my teeth. I rapidly stroked my tongue against it and she went into orgasmic convulsions.

I sat up replacing my tongue with my hand, stroking two fingers in and out and stroking her clit with my thumb. When I looked up, I saw Bob on top on Jackie. She had her hands on his ass and was pulling him inside her then he would pull almost all the way out and she would pull him all the way back in. Each time she pulled him in she would pull her legs apart opening her sex so she could get his cock in her as far as possible. When he would hit bottom, she would grind him against her clit. Their tempo was rapidly increasing and Jackie was off in another world. A world narrowed by the sexual heat between her legs. I glanced at Cheri and saw her give me the fuck me look which was exactly what I had in mind.

Her pussy was the hottest one I have ever been in. It felt like I had just put my cock into a mink glove that had been heated.

She whispered, "fuck me hard, I'm ready to cum"

She spread herself wide open and I pounded her as hard and as deep as I could. I looked at Jackie and saw that she had grabbed her legs behind her knees and was pulling them back and out, which spread and pushed Bob cock into her as far as possible. Her body was close to orgasm but she couldn't quite reach the top. So she pushed Bob off and got a pillow. Laying face down with the pillow under her hips, a hand on her clit and her legs spread wide.

"Fuck me Bob. Fuck me with your big hard cock."

Bob put his cock back inside her, meeting her thrusts with his own. Cheri's clutching pussy and insistent cries brought me back from the erotic sight of my wife's approaching orgasm. Cheri was starting to cum so I slammed my cock into her and ground it in as far as possible, then slowly pulled out and slammed back in. I did this about 15 times when her legs stiffened and she spread her self open. Cheri, then grabbed my butt and pulled me into her. She humped my cock intensity for about 30 seconds as she came.

Jackie was pumping her pussy up and down on Bob dick. The way her ass was twitching I knew an orgasm was on it's way. Bob started grunting and fucking in and out of her faster and faster. Bob groaned, stiffened and came while Jackie's pussy milked him dry. She had not gone over the edge of her climax when he came. This left her not quite satisfied. I looked at Cheri's satisfied face and pulled my cock from her. I removed my condom and moved between my wife's legs. When my cock touched her pussy lips, she moved back into me and drawing it inside her. I fucked her through her orgasm cumming with her and leaving her very contented. Everyone else had finished and was watching us "make love." Their applause greeted us just after our climax.

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